War Orphans’ Plight

Amidst the ruins of war-torn lands,
Lies a group of children, innocent and grand,
Their parents, their homes, all taken away,
Left to fend for themselves, day by day.

Their eyes are haunted, their faces drawn,
Their childhoods ripped from them, now gone,
Innocent laughter replaced by tears,
Their future uncertain, filled with fears.

They wander aimlessly, searching for hope,
In a world where hatred and violence elope,
Their hunger pangs grow stronger each day,
As they struggle to survive in every way.

Why must they suffer, pay for adult sins?
Innocent victims, caught in battles that never end,
Their dreams shattered, their lives destroyed,
All because of wars that we failed to avoid.

Let us not turn a blind eye to their plight,
Or pretend that their pain is not in our sight,
Let us strive for peace and put an end to this conflict,
So that no more children are condemned to a life of afflict.

Let us hear their cries, let us lend a hand,
To give them love, hope, and a chance to stand,
Let us end the wars, and bring them home,
So that no more children are left alone.

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