The images on TV

[Credit goes to Alain de Maximy for the featured image.]

In a world of flickering light and sound,
Where images on TV know no bound,
A symphony of sorrow fills the air,
Unveiling wounds that are too much to bear.

Each passing day, a canvas anew,
With hues of hurt in every view,
Faces etched with anguish, pain,
Their silent cries, a haunting refrain.

The news unfolds, a steady stream,
A montage of nightmares, or so it seems,
Tales of injustice, suffering profound,
Echoing within, without a sound.

Lost in the glare of the pixelated glow,
We witness tales of woe, we come to know,
Strangers’ tears, like raindrops, cascade,
And empathy finds solace in the serenade.

Innocence shattered, lives torn apart,
Injustice rampant, piercing the heart,
But through the screen’s unyielding gaze,
A longing to change, to mend our ways.

Each frame a plea, a silent plea,
For eyes to open, for souls to see,
Beyond the flicker, the scenes, and strife,
To embrace compassion, to nurture life.

Let not the images on TV define,
The world we live in, yours and mine,
For in our hands lies the power to heal,
To cultivate hope, to foster what’s real.

So let us pause, reflect, and mend,
To be the change that we intend,
Let empathy guide, ignite our will,
To heal the hurt that TV distills.