Silent Struggles: Unveiling the plight of boys and girls

In preparation for an upcoming guest blog post, here’s a poem that aligns with the theme.

Oh, and I’m well aware that I might receive some criticism even before people have read it. Please wait and see what I write in my guest blog post, as you will likely be surprised by the actual facts I discovered during my research, with the support of a certain organization.

I will keep you updated here on my own blog when and where the guest blog post will be published.

My poem:

In the realm of equality, we tread,
Unveiling stories, often left unsaid,
A poem to echo boys’ and girls’ silent cries,
Their struggles obscured beneath societal lies.

As a girl, I stand with empathy,
Witnessing the complexities, I clearly see,
While feminism’s gaze aims to empower,
Do boys sometimes face an overlooked hour?

For feminism, its focus on girls is true,
But let’s ensure boys’ struggles aren’t misconstrued,
Both genders deserve an equal chance,
To thrive, to grow, to break free from circumstance.

In the quest for justice, let us explore,
The burdens they carry, hearts feeling sore,
Breaking free from molds that confine,
Creating a space where dreams can intertwine.

Let’s navigate complexities, hand in hand,
Acknowledging their battles, we’ll firmly stand,
Breaking stereotypes, freeing from despair,
Creating a world where all genders repair.

As a girl, I embrace the power of voice,
Together we rise, making the choice,
To dismantle barriers, biases untold,
And forge a path where equality takes hold.

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