Night’s Cosmic Overture

Seems I made a mistake in preplanning my poems. However, I’m back now, so we’re back to a daily poem. My apologies to anyone who had hoped for a daily poem while I was at summer camp.


In the ink-black canvas of the skies,
A wondrous spectacle meets the eyes.
Each star, a note in the grand design,
In harmony, they brilliantly shine.

Orion, a hunter, bold and strong,
With his belt, he guides along,
Through celestial realms, his path is drawn,
A guardian till the break of dawn.

Cassiopeia, queen of stellar grace,
Her throne in the night’s embrace.
Her constellation, a regal throne,
A story of myth and beauty known.

Draco winds, a serpent of the night,
Through celestial dance, he takes flight.
A guardian with celestial might,
Protecting secrets, hidden from sight.

In the galaxy’s swirl, the Milky Way,
A river of stardust, a cosmic display.
The heart of our celestial shore,
Where countless wonders to explore.

As night unfolds its darkened wings,
The symphony of stars still sings.
A cosmic overture, ages old,
An eternal tale, forever told.

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