Eternal Embrace

In twilight’s grasp, I held your heart,
A symphony of dreams we vowed to start,
Yet stars can fall, and dreams can break,
Leaving love’s essence in its wake.

With trembling soul, I stood alone,
My heart, a tapestry of love outgrown,
In shadows cast, memories entwined,
A love once whole, now misaligned.

Though tears may trace these weary cheeks,
A spark remains where hope still speaks,
For love, though shattered, finds its place,
In every tear, a warm embrace.

The pain, a witness of love’s glory,
Etched within the verses of our story,
I’ll cherish each moment, soft and fierce,
As love endures through grief and tears.

Farewell, I whisper to the past,
A love that couldn’t forever last,
Yet, in the chambers of my heart,
Your memory lingers, never to depart.

For in the ache and sorrow’s sting,
A phoenix rises on a broken wing,
A love that’s true, a love that’s real,
An endless love, I’ll always feel.

So let the embers of love ignite,
In this eternal, starlit night,
For though you broke my tender heart,
I’ll love you still, till worlds depart.

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