Embrace the day

In the golden morning glow, arise
Amidst a world of endless skies,
The sun’s warm kiss, a sweet surprise,
Awakens souls, no need to analyze.

Breathe the fragrance, the flowers bestow,
In the meadows where wild grasses grow,
Their dance, a rhythm, so pure, so slow,
A symphony of colors in a grand tableau.

Follow the river’s winding course,
Its melody, a soothing force,
Reflecting dreams without remorse,
A timeless flow, a gentle source.

Clamber up the mountainside,
Where eagles soar, so free, so wide,
With each step, the heart’s revived,
Above the worries, fears subsided.

Meet the laughter of children’s play,
Their carefree spirits lead the way,
In innocence, they find their sway,
Join their world, just for today.

Savor the taste of simple fare,
Beneath the shade, without a care,
Nourish the body, soul repair,
Gratitude for the feast we share.

Chase the clouds across the blue,
Let your dreams unfurl and pursue,
Let imagination guide you through,
A canvas vast, where skies renew.

As the dusk embraces the daylight’s end,
Let darkness in the horizon blend,
In the stars, a path they send,
To tomorrow’s dawn, we’ll transcend.

So, cherish now, without delay,
Let worries drift, just for today,
In nature’s arms, we’ll find our way,
Embracing life, come what may.

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