Blossoming Wisdom

The reason why this poem shows more effort than usual should be explained by reading the poem. It’s very personal and shows a bit of insight into some of what’s important to me.


In the garden of life, a bud unfurls,
A girl emerges, with dreams and pearls.
A journey of growth, a path to find,
In the realm of heart and expansive mind.

Amidst societal whispers, norms, and bounds,
She treads her way, where wisdom resounds.
From Sappho’s1 verses to Confucius’2 thought,
She weaves her tapestry, lesson by lesson taught.

The innocence of childhood, a radiant dawn,
A canvas of wonder, where dreams are drawn.
Yet shadows may fall, doubts may arise,
But courage she gathers, like stars in the skies.

She learns from Hypatia3, a scholar so bright,
To seek knowledge fiercely, to grasp the light.
From Rumi’s4 quill, she understands the dance,
Embracing change, taking every chance.

As Campanella’s5 city, her aspirations rise,
A utopia of dreams, painted in the skies.
With the strength of Kahlo6, she faces the pain,
Turning it into art, like drops of healing rain.

In the garden of philosophers, poets, and more,
She finds her essence, her purpose to explore.
Growing up as a girl, a journey profound,
A symphony of wisdom in every sight and sound.

So let her bloom, let her story unfurl,
A tapestry woven with the threads of the world.
For in her, the echoes of ages will twirl,
A philosopher, poet, writer – our precious pearl.


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