Shadows of scorn

In the realm where shadows cast their darkened net,
A solitary soul, in turmoil, found its fateful set,
Beneath the weight of scorn and bitter jest,
The heart once whole, now put to endless test.

Beneath the cruel sun, in the schoolyard’s might,
A fragile spirit braced itself for a fight,
Words like daggers, sharper than the sword,
Pierced through the armor, shattered, ignored.

Like a solitary ship on tempestuous seas,
I navigated a world where kindness ceased,
But in those darkest hours, I found my light,
A flicker of hope that pierced the endless night.

For though the bullies raged, like thunder’s roar,
I clung to dreams they tried to drown before,
I nurtured a garden in my wounded heart,
Where the seeds of courage refused to depart.

The tears I shed became the rain that fell,
Nourishing my spirit with stories to tell,
Of battles fought and victories won,
In the face of cruelty, under the scornful sun.

And as I endured those trials of despair,
I learned to rise above, to breathe the air,
Of self-belief, that fortress strong and true,
Where the scars of bullying could not undo.

Like a phoenix, I soared from the ashes below,
A symbol of resilience, of inner glow,
For the struggles we face in the depths of the night,
Can fuel our transformation into radiant light.

So, to all who’ve felt the sting of cruel words,
Know that within you, a strength untoward,
Lies waiting to break free, to mend and heal,
The wounds inflicted by those who couldn’t feel.

In the tapestry of life, we find our place,
A testament to the human spirit’s grace,
For in the struggles endured, we become whole,
And reclaim our power, heart, mind, and soul.

So let us stand together, hand in hand,
Empowering each other, taking a stand,
For in unity, we find the strength to be,
A world where bullying is but a distant memory.

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