Controversy, controversy, controversy…
You wouldn’t connect that with Eurovision at first, yet this song contest based on the idea of bringing Europe closer together, is all about controversy.

When it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest, but also the child, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, it all started after World War II broke Europe apart, and Eurovision was based on the idea of bringing Europe closer together in a non-complicated way of entertainment.
A long time this worked, yet already for quite some years it has changed, and with this year, the bomb is close to bursting…

When it comes to the more recent years, controversy is not just at the fact people think it is politicized, which it is, but also other things.

The first to tackle is the obvious one, which is that it no longer is about Europe.
With Australia now being able to enter, it moved outside of Europe, as while some people do not recognize Israel as an European countries, it is neither able to truly be counted as Middle Eastern or African, so them entering was very understandable.
Australia is however not even close to Europe, and with the partial European country Kazakhstan still not being able to enter, it is understandable this is seen as controversial.

The second is the rules, which is the actual reason Turkey is no longer participating, not because of the win of Conchita Wurst, even though she/he is one of the reasons why Turkey has not reconsidered again.
The basics nowadays are that at the general edition everyone is judged partial by public votes and partially by professional judges, at the junior even fully by judges and no public at all.
Quite obviously it is not actually fair this way, but also in fact no longer as interesting for watchers, as when it comes to the junior version in specific, we can only listen to the songs and after who has won, nothing more, it misses the true contest part for viewers as well…
But that is not all, the fact “the big 5” are instantly at the finals of the general edition is not liked by Turkey, and let’s be honest about the fact that most of us do not like it either.
These 2 changes at the rules already show that EBU is actually not even caring about bringing Europe together at all, which was the whole reason this contest started in the first place…

The third is seen by the disqualification of Romania earlier this year at the general edition of Eurovision.
Romania got disqualified because they didn’t pay their debts to EBU, simple as that…
Yet, just like Kazakhstan not being able to enter due to EBU services statuses, this also opposes the whole goal of Eurovision…

The simple fact of Eurovision is that it has being crumbling as it has become fully about money, popularity and politics, but not actually caused by the people watching Eurovision, not those who previously voted, but by the ones making this yearly event possible, the European Broadcasting Union themselves.

When we look at the basics, the victory of Conchita Wurst supported the goal of bringing Europe closer together, the victory of Ukraine this year did the same, as it dared to be about history of a part of Europe, the past, not the present as some say, and also the win of Georgia at the Junior version did so, as those who actually dared to watch without thinking only about their own supports, would have noticed what happened when Mariam of Georgia won(No spoilers, watch it at YouTube if you want to know) but apart of just that, what the lyrics of her song say.

EBU could fix Eurovision easily, that is a fact, but it would need them to focus again at what Europe actually needs right now too… Bringing Europe closer together, again.
As right now Europe has become very divided, and both versions of Eurovision are dividing us even more…
Yet, it would need EBU to do the same what governments and companies should do, care less about the money, and if that will happen, that is something only they can answer….

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