Dare to look beyond

If you know me even just a little bit, or simple checked my “about me” page, you know that the Indian-American artist KSHMR is among my top 5 most loved artists.
The main reason for my love is the fact of his unique EDM sound, however, not just that, as also the music video of Jammu plays an incredible part of my love.

If you know anything regarding the Indian and Pakistani history, you won’t need any explanation, however, if you don’t, check up on the history of Jammu and Kashmir to understand.
Anyhow, to me, it is in a respectful way trying to counter certain beliefs, most specifically that you are never required to follow the mass, stating that you’re always able to make your own choices.

“Hold on, you’re Jewish, so are you not against Muslims?”
No, I am not.
Actually, the above I received as a question through the Twitter platform after sharing the Jammu video of KSHMR, it just has been paraphrased to be more useful for what I am writing.
It’s actually a weird belief that just because someone is Jewish, that he/she/it has anything against Muslims.
To even be more to the point, it would go against our commandments to be Islamophobic. (See Exodus 20:13 – http://www.chabad.org/library/bible_cdo/aid/9881)

Now, why I am writing this?
Simple, the video of KSHMR once reminded me of a simple fact, that not everything we suppose is true, nor 1 side is righteous.
Which is exactly the problem all over the world right at this moment.
While the problems between India and Pakistan are easy for me to avoid taking any sides at, as I have friends on both sides and no personal interests.
The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is one that is important to me, very important even.
And yet, in reality, I don’t have a true one-sided vision at that conflict either.
For those who are not aware, yes, I am pro-Ukraine in the way that I stand for Crimea to be returned to Ukraine, that Russia should leave Ukraine, that Russia should openly stand against the separatism that happens within Ukraine, and Russia should stop trying to influence things within the borders of Ukraine.
However, I don’t go around spreading hatred about Russia, I own a home within the borders of Russia (Hence the 2 places of residence), have contacts with Russian politicians (incl. when it comes to United Russia), and have more than enough Russian friends.

The importance in life is doing things with moderation.
Like when it comes to my own;
You could share your stances, as long as you don’t go around spreading hatred at the same time.
You could have an argument, as long as you don’t hurt another.
You could openly voice your opinion, as long as you don’t take away the possibility for others to have their own opinion.
You could be supportive to something, while still being able to communicate with those who oppose your idea(s).
You could believe your own beliefs, as long as you also let others believe their beliefs.

These days it is too often about what is important to 1, instead of realizing that we all should be allowed to have our own ways and beliefs.
As it’s no wonder that there are so many political problems around the world, as politics focus on just that, the allowance of just 1 side to voice themselves.
Like I have spoken out before, it is time for things to be done in the ways they work, not how they sound and look well.
As let me be clear and completely honest for a moment, I am just 16 years of age, and all those active at politics should be older than I am, so should be my examples.
However, when I look at everyone who are active about politics these days, they are pretty much the opposite, unless it is attempted for children and youth to be taught to hate one another.
Seriously, we live in a society that is upside-down and inside-out, as too often wisdom is only seen in a handful of people, instead of it showing with age, like it once was said it was…
Often it is seen as a joke that children and youth would take over the world, but in this age of instant communication, it would be no surprise for it to actually happen eventually if things are not changed fast, as like we have seen in the past, 1 single revolution can topple the world.


When it comes to your daily life, have you ever dared to ask yourself what you would do if things were not the way as you supposed they are?
As that is exactly what I am trying to voice in the above.
Certain seemingly small things like the Jammu music video of KSHMR go by unnoticed by the masses of people, yet, it could be the spark for something more.
Just like the hatred quite a lot of people share could be the spark for an opposite force.
We live in an age where people don’t actually even think beyond their own beliefs, which is the exact problem that is likely to take down humanity.
As let’s not forget that it has been a vicious circle for centuries, that the ideas of 1 spark unneeded conflicts.
And yet, while people state that we are not the same, nothing has actually even changed, like words like Islamophobia and terrorism make clear.
It will eventually only lead to a fight that will take away one part of humanity, and leave another, which eventually also will be lead to extinction, as like I said, this has been happening for ages already, meaning that even after we have eradicated one supposed evil, another will rise again…
.. even though the reality is, that the only evil out there is our hateful beliefs themselves…

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