In a realm of whimsy and wonder,
Where laughter dances with thunder,
A tender soul dreams a special dream,
To be a healer, a joyous theme.

With a heart of compassion so deep,
This dreamer yearns to bring relief,
To those whose spirits are worn and torn,
In a world where hope is reborn.

Dressed in colors, vibrant and bold,
A clown’s mask, a story untold,
With nimble hands and a playful gaze,
To bring solace in unexpected ways.

With gentle touch and a warm embrace,
The dreamer seeks to erase,
The burdens that weigh on weary hearts,
And replace them with joyful arts.

In hospitals and places of care,
The dreamer’s presence fills the air,
With magic tricks and funny rhymes,
To bring comfort in troubled times.

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