Heritage, culture, religion, and politics

My biological father was Russian, my biological mother was Polish, but I am Ukrainian, confusing, right?
Well, that’s something you will get when it comes to me, I’m not your average person.
When it comes to me, I was born in Ukraine, hence my Ukrainian nationality, and I was abandoned by my biological parents when I was just a baby, hence me saying “biological parents”, instead of just “parents”.
When it comes to those who I do call my parents, my adoptive parents, my mother is Ukrainian, and my father is Russian. But they are not all of my family. When it comes to my biological family, they are mostly Polish and Russian, not that surprisingly, and they are mostly Jewish, with a few converts to the Christian beliefs.
When it comes to my adoptive family, it is a lot harder, this is because they are of nationalities based on several European countries, except for one of my younger brothers, who is a Yazidi originally from Syria.
Anyhow, apart from me being ethnically Jewish, I am also Jewish by religion. I’m a Karaite Jew to be more exact. (Click here for more info)
In terms of politics, I generally choose not to support countries. Although I do obviously generally stand with Ukraine in terms of international events, like the ongoing conflict/war with Russia. The reason for generally not standing with countries is the fact that when we speak about countries, we speak about governments, and most governments don’t voice the people, and neither act in their interest. It’s how on many fora of Russia-based villages, towns, and cities there are threads about how Russia illegally invaded Crimea. Many Russian people admit the truth, but the Russian government doesn’t dare to listen and do the same. Hence, me choosing to not stand with countries, as I don’t stand with governments, I stand with people.

Health and mental health

To be more personal, I have been diagnosed with several (mental) health conditions. To just list them, I have been diagnosed with expressive aphasia, classic autism, PTSD, selective mutism, non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome, and atypical depression. Yes, the diagnoses were done by professionals. I strongly oppose self-diagnoses. To me, you could possibly diagnose that something is going on with yourself, but the exact diagnosis is not something you could validly do.
Obviously, every condition has some effect on my life, but I attempt to not think about it. The more you think about something, the worse it seems. This is also among the reasons why I am a strong opposer of the term “disability”. Yes, there are some people who are actually disabled by their (mental) health conditions, but far too often it is rather caused by stigma and negative thoughts, and not actually by the condition itself.

Personal life

Like most other young persons, I spend the majority of my time studying. But school luckily is not life. I also play video games, listen to music, read books, and spend a lot of time outside. I have a love for nature. And in terms of sports, I primarily box these days. I previously did more in terms of sports, but that was before.
While I dislike school, it doesn’t mean I don’t look forward to the future. When it comes to that, I currently tutor and mentor several younger children, and spend time with except for elders in my community. It’s eventually what I want for my future, working with people. There’s also experienced when it comes to that by working at several children’s homes in Russia, but let’s just keep it at that law in Ukraine are more strict. One of the very few things I have to commend Russia for, giving young persons the actual ability to participate in a society close to fully, very different from the situation here in Ukraine. Here it’s more like the situation in Western countries, like the USA and Western Europe, meaning that we as young persons have the status of children, and not of youth.
As for the remaining personal question, yes, I am in a relationship, I have a very lovely girlfriend.

Advocacy, activism, supports, and languages

Besides trying to do my part in society, I do have causes that are dear to me. I am well-known for my activity in terms of supporting orphans and other children without parental care, as well as those with health issues, especially cancer.
(The reason for especially supporting those with cancer, in particular, I am not going to share in public. If you want to know and believe we are friends, just ask me.)
I also always support refugees, Roma, the Yazidis, homeless people, and veterans.
Apart from supporting people, I am also supportive of causes revolving inclusion and education. And opposing abuse, neglect, hunger, hatred, violence, and war. My strong opposition of especially war is not always liked by everyone, which primarily has to do with my impartial stances. I am very well aware of it. The way I see it is that without talking you can’t achieve peace. Besides, I don’t believe governments do enough to avoid conflict and war.
Another cause personal to me is the support of literacy. The knowledge of languages is important in this world, there’s no denying of that. And while I may have taken it a bit too far with my knowledge of about 50 languages, the knowledge of 2 languages is already too little these days, and that while there are quite many people who can’t read and write even 1 language. If you read this blog, I don’t need to state that I use my language knowledge to translate music.


I believe that is all people possibly might wish to know. But if I haven’t answered your question, just ask me through the contact page or any of my social media profiles. If it is asked more often, it will eventually find its way to the frequently asked questions page. I am always open to answer your questions.
But for now, thank you for your interest in me and reading the above. May you have a lovely day.