[Last update: 26th of May 2023]

About Vadim

Vadim, the author of SnowCalmth blog, hails from Zaporizhia, Ukraine, although he currently resides in the Polish city of Szczecin. His ethnic background encompasses Russian, Polish, and Crimean Karaite heritage. Vadim is deeply connected to his roots and religious beliefs, identifying as a follower of the Karaite Jewish religion.

Involvement with ChildAid

ChildAid to Eastern Europe, a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children in Eastern Europe, holds a significant place in Vadim’s heart. While he maintains his commitment to his own religious beliefs as a Karaite Jew, Vadim shares many principles and values with ChildAid, aligning with their mission to provide support, resources, and opportunities to vulnerable children.

ChildAid’s activities encompass a wide range of initiatives aimed at addressing the specific needs of disadvantaged children in Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Siberia, and other countries in the region. Their programs focus on areas such as education, healthcare, nutrition, shelter, and emotional well-being, aiming to create lasting positive change in the lives of these children.

Vadim’s involvement with ChildAid showcases his dedication to making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children in Eastern Europe. Through his affiliation as a young ambassador, he actively contributes to the organization’s mission by raising awareness, mobilizing support, and promoting the work being done to improve the lives of disadvantaged children.

While Vadim upholds his commitment to his religious beliefs as a Karaite Jew, he shares common ground with ChildAid in their shared values of compassion, empathy, and the belief in the inherent worth and potential of every child. This alignment allows Vadim to effectively advocate for the organization and promote their initiatives through his blog and social media platforms.

ChildAid’s focus on education, healthcare, basic needs, and emotional well-being resonates deeply with Vadim’s own understanding of the challenges faced by vulnerable children. He actively showcases the transformative work done by ChildAid, sharing inspiring stories, news updates, and calls to action on his social media accounts.

Through his online platforms, Vadim aims to raise awareness about ChildAid’s activities, engage his followers in meaningful discussions, and encourage them to join him in supporting the organization’s cause. Despite any differences in religious views, Vadim demonstrates the power of collaboration, unity, and interfaith understanding in addressing the needs of vulnerable children.

By leveraging his voice and influence, Vadim strives to create a positive and sustainable change in the lives of disadvantaged children in Eastern Europe. His dedication to both his religious beliefs and his commitment to ChildAid exemplifies the true spirit of humanitarianism, showing that individuals can make a meaningful difference by embracing diversity and working towards shared goals.

Political Views

Vadim holds far-left political views and aligns with progressive and left-wing ideals. He advocates for the partial dismantling of the current economic system and proposes the introduction of a basic income for all residents, with additional job opportunities for luxuries. He strongly supports providing assistance to children, individuals with disabilities and special needs, the homeless, and veterans.

In Vadim’s vision, capitalism should be fully implemented for businesses, while the current system of socialism they often adopt should be removed. He emphasizes the importance of power separation, as defined by the trias politica concept, and firmly believes that businesspeople should never engage in political activity.

To ensure equality, Vadim suggests freezing government employees’ pay at the minimum wage and cutting it down to that level, enabling them to experience life as average residents and enact legislation that benefits the entire population rather than just the wealthy. He emphasizes the need for regulations that consider people’s unique situations, rather than applying them uniformly to everyone. For instance, fines should be adjusted based on income and familial circumstances, providing greater assistance to those in need.

Philanthropy and Causes

Vadim is deeply committed to philanthropy, particularly focusing on children and young individuals without parental care. Having experienced the Ukrainian care system himself as a foundling, he understands the challenges they face. He actively supports various organizations dedicated to fighting cancer, assisting refugees, Roma and Yazidi communities, underprivileged children, and causes related to inclusivity and education. Vadim is also a vocal advocate against war, brutality, famine, abuse, and neglect, as he believes peace can only be achieved through communication and governments should play a more proactive role in preventing conflict.

Promoting literacy holds a special place in Vadim’s heart. He recognizes the value of linguistic skills in today’s society and emphasizes the importance of addressing the issue of illiteracy.

Vadim’s Family

In addition to his philanthropic endeavors, Vadim cherishes his family. He is married, but he chooses not to delve into much detail about his wife. Together, they have five sons and three daughters. Four of their sons and one of their daughters were adopted, reflecting Vadim’s deep commitment to providing a loving home for children in need.

Vadim’s Children

  • Eldest Son: Vladislav (Vlad)

    Vladislav, Vadim’s eldest son, possesses a bright and cheery attitude, always striving to bring happiness to others. However, he faces various health challenges. Vlad has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, cyclic vomiting syndrome, and embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma (currently in remission). In addition, he experiences Heller’s syndrome (an autistic spectrum disorder), ADHD-I, absence epileptic syndrome NOS, dyspraxia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. Despite these obstacles, Vlad exhibits remarkable intelligence and resilience, though he requires constant support and minimal criticism. His family plays a crucial role in providing him with the care and understanding he needs.

  • Second Son: Anton

    Anton, Vadim’s second son, is an introverted individual who finds solace in solitude or small groups. He experiences a range of challenges, including moderate to severe intellectual disability, dyspraxia, and fragile X syndrome. Anton’s aversion to technology is a defining aspect of his character, as he prefers more traditional methods and dislikes being photographed. He takes pleasure in lying on his back, listening to ambient and new age music, and daydreaming while holding the hand of a loved one.

  • Eldest Daughter: Katarzyna (Kasia)

    Katarzyna, Vadim’s eldest daughter, is an empathetic and caring individual who deeply values the well-being of others. She defies societal expectations, displaying her diverse interests and talents. Kasia’s journey is marked by non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder, ME/CFS, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, and social pragmatic communication disorder. These conditions have led her to transition from regular schooling to homeschooling to accommodate her occasional absences caused by the sleep disorder. Despite the challenges she faces, Kasia’s unwavering commitment to her family and her zest for life are apparent, even if others struggle to fully comprehend her unique experiences.

  • Third Son: Aleksander (Aleks/Sasha)

    Aleksander, Vadim’s third son, exudes boundless energy and positivity within the family. He is Kasia’s younger biological brother and has been diagnosed with Heller’s syndrome (autism spectrum disorder), ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dyspraxia. Despite his mental health difficulties and hearing loss caused by a genetic condition, Aleks finds joy and self-expression through ballroom dancing, ballet, and football. His family’s love and support are invaluable to him, and he cherishes their presence above a wide social circle.

  • Fourth Son: Ilya

    Ilya, of Ukrainian descent like his older brother Anton, maintains anonymity regarding his background due to personal and familial reasons. Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Ilya shares commonalities with his siblings in navigating the challenges associated with the condition. Although specific details about Ilya are not disclosed, his place within the family remains cherished and valued.

  • The Triplet: Solomiya, Rachel, Samuel

    Solomiya, Rachel, and Samuel, Vadim’s youngest children, are still in their infancy, and not much is known about them at this point. They are the beloved triplets, bringing joy and love to the family, who hold them dear.

Vadim’s Challenges

Vadim, like his children, grapples with his own mental health challenges. He has been diagnosed with Kanner’s syndrome (autism spectrum disorder), selective mutism, non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome, ADHD-C, dysgraphia, and a speech sound disorder-NOS. Vadim emphasizes the importance of professional diagnoses over self-diagnosis.

About the SnowCalmth Blog

The SnowCalmth blog emerged as a result of Vadim’s desire to express himself beyond the confines of Twitter’s character limit. Originally focused on short-form content, such as quotes and personal thoughts, the blog has since evolved to include numerous long-form pieces. Vadim’s lack of confidence in his work influenced his previous translation endeavors, particularly in the realms of music and short films. Over the years, Vadim has dedicated himself to learning various languages, expanding his translation capabilities and bringing a diverse range of content to his readers.

While Vadim acknowledges that he may not be very active online these days, he welcomes questions and engagement through the contact page, Twitter, or Facebook. He may take some time to respond due to his personal commitments, but he strives to make this page more complete by incorporating answers to frequently asked questions.