My biological father was Russian, my biological mother was Polish, but I am Ukrainian, confusing, right? Well, that’s something you will get when it comes to me, I’m not your average person. When it comes to me, I was born in Ukraine, hence my Ukrainian nationality, and I was abandoned by my biological parents when I was just a baby, hence me saying “biological parents”, instead of just “parents”.
When it comes to those who I do call my parents, my adoptive parents,
my mother is Ukrainian, and my father is Russian.
But they are not all of my family, quite obviously.
When it comes to my biological family, they are mostly Polish and Russian, not that surprisingly, and they are mostly Jewish, with a few converts to the Christian beliefs.
When it comes to my adoptive family, it is a lot harder, this is because they are of nationalities based on several European countries, with the exception of one of my younger brothers, who is originally from Syria.

Health and mental health

But enough about my family, you are reading this because you want to know more about me.
Well, the main thing you need to understand is that I am not perfect. This may seem just an easy expression, but seriously, I am not.
When it comes to me, I am affected by a condition known as “Broca’s aphasia”, although I prefer the alternative name more, which is “expressive aphasia”.
The condition is about the ability to produce language, although not just in speech, but also by writing and signing, meaning the usage of sign language.
It is directly related to why I don’t wish to talk about the past, as the condition is always caused by brain damage, most commonly by a stroke, which a child could experience, however, it is not the case when it comes to me.
The cause of the condition is said to be brain injury in my case, which is close to undeniable, as it was first noticed after I have been in hospital after abuse I experienced in one of the children’s homes I used to grow up at. The abuse is also the reason why although I have been born in the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia, I eventually grew up a large part of my childhood in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk. It should be self-explanatory why it causes me to not want to talk about the past.
That I am affected by expressive aphasia can be quite noticeable, both in real life as online, which you can here online notice in my writing, at which, most notably, I tend to forget to write words quite a lot.

However, when it comes to my health and mental health, there is actually more to tell than just that single condition. It is quite a list, as I have been diagnosed with autism, classic autism to be exact, post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD), atypical depression, chronic insomnia, and selective mutism. I could say a lot about all of them, and explain them all, but I will keep it short.
While talking/chatting to me online, it is best to keep in mind that social interactions can be difficult for me, it will most often take a long time until I trust people, and even if I see you as a friend and trust you completely, I can go days, weeks, or even months without sending any message. My silence is not because I don’t like a person, nor that I don’t want to say anything, but is most often because I don’t know what to say, or am worried that I may possibly say something wrong. That last one is especially strengthened by that I am quite prone to make social mistakes by being very fact-based and having a high importance to be compassionate; I don’t even want to offend anyone who should have been my enemy.

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