The SnowCalmth blog (after referred to as SnowCalmth) is a website hosted in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv. It started out in 2015 as a small blog written by Vadim Dovganyuk on the domain ‘’. (Domain has since then been abandoned.) Which moved in late July of 2016 to the domain, where it’s still located today.

SnowCalmth is a personal blog focusing primarily on political, charitable, and (mental) health subjects. It also includes translations of non-English music videos and short videos, as well subtitled English music videos and short videos. All content published that is property of different parties is always licensed or otherwise, permission was given for it to be used or published (when applicable). All written text is original and always our own unless it’s clearly stated otherwise.

Our views surrounding the subjects of specifically adoption, foster care, Crimea, and autism can be seen as controversial. We want to be clear that our views are our opinions and do not necessarily reflect yours. We believe that everyone has the right to his/her own opinion. That being said, we strongly stand against bullying and other forms of harassment — this means, for example, that we don’t defame others nor allow defamation of ourselves. If we do end up subject to this, we may choose to protect our name and rights through DLA Piper, our preferred law firm.

Although this blog is hosted in Ukraine, the current 2 writers are both based in the Polish city of Szczecin. Since 2021, this blog is written by the original creator Vadim and his son Vladislav. Vadim is of Ukrainian origin, while Vladislav is of Russian origin. Both believe strongly in the activities of the British charity ChildAid, which is the main support of this blog.

Update 1st of August 2022: Our blog is now made possible through behind the screens investments.