Elite = “persons of the highest class”
Government = “the governing body of persons in a state, community, etc.; administration.”

Now let’s reflect:

A government of a country is the administration of the country, meaning, the highest of the country, right?
Therefore, they are all of persons of the highest class…
Meaning that all of the governments of any country of the world are the high-placed persons of that country, whether we talk about the President, prime minister, ministers, secretaries, whatever…
So, as they are part of the high-placed persons, they are all elites.

Still following what I am saying?
Okay, then let’s continue:

We all stand against the elite, as basically the highest-placed people could make changes we want to see, but at this moment almost never do.

You might already see where I am heading now…

So, let’s sum up what I have just said:

– The elite are the highest placed people.
– Governmental people are all part of the elite.
– The elite are the people who could make the most important changes.
– The elite most often do not make the changes we want.

And now to combine it all, and get to the conclusion:

All but the elite tend to stand against the elite.
Yet, almost no one currently stands against governments.
Governments are however the elite…

So…, in basics, is this not kind of twisted?
Dare to ask yourself:
Aren’t we actually supporting the elite instead of opposing it?

Our changes are not happening because we are supporting those who oppose what we want, instead of opposing those who oppose us, and supporting those who want the same…
We are replacing only faces, but not what happens….

In the end, do we want a change or not?
As you already know the solution, it might be time to put the solution into use, don’t you agree?
But maybe, we rather see things to stay the same, as that is what our acts have shown for a long time by now…

Notes: According to contacts within the University of Cambridge, which I want to extend my appreciation to for taking time to read this, have confirmed that the meaning of the words “Elite” and “Elitism” are both correctly understood, and shared, at this article.