The idea

Close to all websites have ads these days, which is obvious, as ads could bring in quite a bit of money. That money could help in many ways, like paying the costs of the website upkeep. Still, in most cases, the website costs don’t even come close to what the ads bring in each month.

To take this blog as an example, I pay about 28 euros(₴894) each month in terms of hosting, while the ads bring in a lot more, the smallest monthly ad revenue currently being about 75 euros($85.48). Now, there do come some extra costs on top of that because of the domain, the royalties for the music I share, and some other costs. But even after all of those, there is a profit that remains.

The profit could be stuck in your own pocket, like many people do, or you could use it to do something better, as I’ve decided. Since the first payment came in, in December of 2018, the mission of the leftover money of the ad revenue has been clear. I support charities in every way that I can, so obviously also the ad revenue that is left over after the costs will go to charity.

Still, as much as I could do this in the shadows, I have decided to not do so, and fully show it publicly. The reason for this, is to hopefully inspire others to do the same. Most of us have a good life already, we don’t truly need the money, but there are those who do need it. We live on this planet called Earth together, so why not help others to have a good life as well?
Besides, I don’t want to follow the example of those “famous” YouTubers that invest their money in cars and other nonsense — living the good life — while having nothing to truly show once their careers fall apart, which we all know will happen eventually.

Charities supported

It has to be noted that I only try to support charities which are both NGOs and NPOs, meaning both non-governmental and non-profit. In simplicity, I do not wish to support political activities, and neither have the people running the charities gaining on donations.
Currently the charities are primarily in support of the most marginalized members of our society — children and young persons.

– The list is subject to change.
– International charities will be supported through either their Canadian, Frech, British, German, or Dutch offices.
– The payments to the American organization “No Kid Hungry” will be handled by a partner of this blog because of their website being blocked in Europe.

The current list of supported charities & organizations is as follows:

ChildAid [United Kingdom] – Discovery Arts [USA] – A Family for Every Orphan [USA] – Mission for Orphans [USA & India] – Ark of Hope for Children [USA] – Children’s Embassy [Sweden & Ukraine] – Finally Family Homes [USA] – Sovereign House Gh [United Kingdom & Ghana] – ChildFund [International] – SOS Children’s Villages [International] – Here and Now [Russia] – AdVita [Russia] – No Kid Hungry [USA] – Free A Girl [The Netherlands] – Mozuud Freedom Foundation [Canada]

Payment details

Currently it has been decided to pay 50% of the ad revenue directly to charity, and another 25% will be used for a personalized charity project.
Until June 2019, the personalized charity project is the support of getting children without parental care(orphans & foundlings) on the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea adopted. (Crimea is still Ukraine by international law, even though Russia has invaded it.)

The payments of the ad revenue to the charities will happen once every 6 months. The reason for this are the transaction costs. One large payment will generally have lower transaction costs than many smaller ones.

Because of the usage of Automattic Ads(WordAds), the earning overview is updated about 15 to 20 days after the end of the month. The reason for this is that Automattic Ads(WordAds) only finalizes the earning overview after this amount of time.

The amounts which will go to charity are rounded to full dollars. Stating exact numbers is impossible regardless, as several charities supported don’t use American dollars as their currency. The stated number is the amount that will at least be paid, but will generally be higher.

Payment overview

June 2019 – January 2020

Coming soon.

November 2018 – June 2019

Total: $1731.-

November 2018: $89.- (Total earning: $177,77)
December 2018: $121.- (Total earning: $242,64)
January 2019: $320.- (Total earning: $640.72)
February 2019: $376.- (Total earning: $752.51)
March 2019: $375.- (Total earning: $750.77)
April 2019: $450.- (Total earning: $899.61)
May 2019: Pending.
June 2019: Pending.

Proof of amounts stated (last update May 2019)

Project: Ads for Charity [Last Update: June 2019] 3