2 years ago, I started my own quest, the quest to get every trustworthy organization listed that is supporting disadvantaged children within the area of Ukraine, and as of 2016 also Russia, and more importantly, that have no connection to politics, so not to any government, and neither support any means of political and military activity.
Which is harder than it seems, as when it came to foreign organizations that helped out the area of Ukraine, there were not just hundreds, not even thousands, but tens of thousands organizations that claimed to help the area I was focusing on, and I started to feel disheartened already, as I am not doing this with a dedicated group of people, but completely alone.
And it didn’t stop there, as a question arose when it came to organizations like the “Change One Life Foundation” both in Ukraine and Russia, as both are heavily connected to both local and its country’s governments to do their work, so did they even deserve to get listed..?

The answer to my question was revealed during talks I had with a friend of mine, a retired American veteran, who asked:
“What if you make a list of all charities who claim to support Ukraine and Russia, and state if they are fully trustworthy?”
A possibility, of course, but that left me with the problem of too many organizations regardless, to which he also had the answer:
“You could release the list over time. That way you have time to do your research, but will not be my age when you are able to release it.”
Obvious, I know, but regardless something I forgot to even think about…

So, without further ado, the first version of the list will be available by midnight at: https://snowcalmth.com/charity-list
Every week there will be added at least 1 new organization to this list.
It’s international, so one week there could be an organization that is actually located within either Russia or Ukraine, while other weeks it could be located somewhere else in the world, and sometimes both.
I hope it will help people out who are looking for valid ways to support disadvantaged children within Ukraine and Russia.