Since the invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s forces started, I have been receiving questions about whether I am safe.
To be really clear, I have been in the Polish city of Szczecin for about 2 years already. Meaning, yes, I am safe.
That doesn’t change the fact that I have worries, as my family and my middle son’s biological family still remain in Ukraine. Same for the many friends my children and I have that still remain in Ukraine.
We, my family and I, do thank for all the received messages. Seeing that people around the world, including in Russia, do care about Ukrainians does a lot of good. And, yes, you do read it right that I did get messages out of Russia too, where a lot of people are very clear about not supporting Putin’s invasion either.

Still, I want to be really clear about something, which is that the invasion by Putin’s forces doesn’t come unexpected, as a lot of sources are still claiming. I left Ukraine for the reason that this situation was only a matter of time. Including the fact that the world just stands by and only uses sanctions that factually don’t have any chance of stopping Putin’s invasion. Like during the cold war, the world is too scared of provoking the response of a nuclear war. At the same time, Putin is clearly well aware of the fact that this would happen, as it’s honestly rather obvious the world would respond like this. Worse than just this, clearly Putin employs both tactics and ideology used in the dark past by the N*zis.

From my point of view, we can only hope for the Russians to take back their country from the insane Putin before more Russians die on the battlefield that nobody else but Putin created. Both Ukraine and Russia deserve peace. Putin is sending all of Russia’s forces towards a battle which will eventually be won by Ukraine regardless. A country is eventually more than just its government or area, it’s its people. And the fact is indeed that most Ukrainians are very patriotic, as both the current events and historical show. Ukrainians love their country. What happens in Ukraine is up to the Ukrainians, not the Russians. However, what happens to the Russian forces is in the hands of all Russians at this moment, not just Putin’s. Abolishing Putin is the only way out of this situation without any more Russians needlessly dying in Putin’s war.
At the end of the day, Putin doesn’t care whether Russia’s forces die, as otherwise he would never have started this bloody invasion based upon lies and propaganda. The only question Russians should ask themselves is how many they will let die before saving not only the lives, but also any possible future for Russia. As to be very blunt, Russia is heading the same course as North Korea, and we all know what this means…