In the realm of emotions, anger often takes the stage,
A fleeting fire, a moment’s rage, a line upon life’s page.
Anger is a transient visitor, a flash across the mind,
A storm that rages briefly, leaving tranquility behind.

In the heart’s vast landscape, anger carves its path,
A spark ignited by injustice, a momentary wrath.
As life’s river flows ceaselessly, carving canyons as it goes,
In anger’s passage, our shared humanity shows.

The righteous fury of youth, the indignation of the wise,
Create a vibrant tapestry of emotions, beneath life’s changing skies.
Through life’s many chapters, our shared journey unfurls,
In anger’s passage, a testament to our inner worlds.

In the fiery roar of protest, a voice is found,
In the heat of confrontation, life’s lessons are profound.
Through our unfolding story, as each chapter is spun,
In anger’s passage, we see we’re not always bathed in sun.

Anger is your signal, alerting you to life’s unfair maze,
A beacon piercing through the foggy haze of your days.
Through life’s many storms, as challenges roar,
In anger’s passage, our courage is the encore.

In shared disputes and heated words, in moments of strife and fight,
We etch our legacy in time, painting the canvas of life.
Through life’s hourglass, as moments into memories fray,
In anger’s passage, we learn to navigate our way.

As day gives way to night and stars begin their show,
Anger subsides, a testament to time’s ebb and flow.
Through life’s many seasons, our bond with it shouldn’t be long,
In anger’s passage, we learn to transform wrong.

So here’s to anger, a flame that’s sometimes sound,
To a fire that guides us, but in which we shouldn’t be bound.
In anger’s passage, let’s continue to weave our tales,
For in its transient dance, we find strength that never fails.

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