This is one of the songs I’ve wanted to subtitle for a very long time already.
Credits for this share go to Judy (An Autism Observer) and my youngest son Aleks, who both inspired me to finally do this share.

Speaking from experience of both being autistic and being a parent to 3 autistic sons, there are struggles on both sides. The greatest wish as a child is to be good enough for your parents, which becomes even greater while being autistic. And as a parent of an autistic child, there’s nothing more you want for them than to be happy and accepted for the way they are. Knowing at the same time that they will be forever looked down upon for being not the same as most others. Both sides are incredibly hard at times, but there are so many beautiful moments as well. And from my perspective, all of my children are perfect the way they are. I love them greatly.

Subtitled music video

Official lyrics:

Maybe I don’t speak too well,
but I’m coming outta my shell.
And I like playing by myself, if you can’t tell.
I like to go to school.
Yeah, I’m a miracle.
And I’m glad to be alive.
If you’ll wait patiently,
well, then eventually,
I will understand the words that you’re saying to me.
My autism is like a prison that I’m in.
I share my heart, but only in my mind.
I share my pain when I scream at night.
I can’t express to you what I’m going through.
The only way is for me to cry.
Mom, I see your fear through every single tear.
Just to know I’ve caused you pain from inside of here.
My autism is like a prison that I’m in.
I share your joy, but only in my mind.
You show me love, but just not in my time.
‘Cause my reality takes everything in me,
to make it through without a fight
I know you love me, when you hug me.
And when I hear you pray to God for Him to heal me.
Maybe one day you won’t have to pray.
And I won’t have to see you cry.
Maybe one day, I won’t be this way.
Until then, we’ll get by.