Today is World Mental Health Day, the day that should happen every day…
That is the real problem when it comes to all those “special days”, the fact it should not be special!
And, yes, it is probably easier for me to say that as I have mental health differences.
Differences, I use that term for a reason, as most people like to rather use the words illness and problems, but it is no illness, as you are not ill, not sick, you are different when there is anything different with your mental health; and neither is it a problem, as things are only a problem when you want it to be a problem.
When it comes to mental health though, it happens to be mostly the others that are the actual problem, the outside world; no matter if we would look at for example depression or down syndrome, the problems start because people are not aware.
So, it was thought to have this special day to create awareness, but this is one day, one moment, while people should be aware every day and should be made aware of it every single day!
The problem is that people will be aware today, but when we move on to tomorrow, people will have forgotten already and are the ones who create the problems yet again…
If you plan to do anything today at World Mental Health Day, let it be becoming more aware yourself, learn for example what people have to go through who are not you, instead of just trying others to be aware of it; as eventually things should not start with others, it should start with yourself, so do not forget to also include yourself when it comes to awareness…

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