Back online and addition of subtitle switching

After the previous announced maintenance, my blog is now back up and running again.
And also the translations are online again, as promised…
.. well, most of them, as I ran into a snag while importing the required pages and videos I prepared during the downtime.
In simplicity, a part of the videos didn’t want to upload to the server, even though more than enough disk space is remaining on the server, making a part of the pages defective.
Because of this, you may see a message saying “Status: Temporarily unavailable.”, which means that the required video could not be uploaded for unclear reasons.
Resolving this will take some time, as my host and I decided to not have a FTP server present to avoid possible hacking of files through this way, and my host is located in The Netherlands, while I am in Dnipro…
.. So, my server is quite literally the other side of Europe of where I am. 😛

With the bad news out of the way, it’s time for some good news as well.
For those who were previously subscribed to my YouTube might remember that apart of translations towards the English language, I did translate to other languages as well.
For example, the music of Elya Chavez was translated by me towards 2 languages, English, quite obviously, but also German.
As I moved away from YouTube, the majority of these translations became unavailable, as the software I use used to require payment to activate the subtitle feature.
I could have switched to another software, however, the current software is compatible with every operating platform, whether desktop, mobile, or TV-based, something I didn’t want to give up on.
Fortunately, the developers moved away from having subtitles as paid feature, as well as adding some other improvement, hence now my Twitter, blog, and video player use the same lovely green-blueish color.

The feature will be added to each of the translations that were translated towards multiple languages in the upcoming week. To avoid problems, the English subtitles will still be loaded as default subtitles, meaning you will only need to change the subtitles if you require another language. When available you will see a menu button at the bottom right of the player, this menu button is easily recognizable as it looks exactly the same as the one to open the pages menu at the top of this blog (unless you use the mobile theme).

The first video with subtitle switching is already available.
The Yeshiva Boys Choir – Daddy Come Home