Well, I have just given away what the boy I love does. I also dance myself, ballroom dancing, to provide insight to all readers about me. Anyway, it’s time for me to say nothing more and just give you my poem.

My poem:

In a world of delicate artistry, they soar,
Ballet boys, dreamers whom elegance adores,
A dance of passion, a story they unfold,
In each tender step, a tale of courage untold.

With muscles strong, yet hearts so tender,
On tiptoes, they glide, their souls surrender,
To the music’s rhythm, their bodies align,
In harmony, they dance, their spirits intertwine.

Adorned in tights, their silhouettes gleam,
As moonlit angels floating in a dream,
Their leaps defy gravity, as if to take flight,
Captivating the stars in the canvas of the night.

With each arabesque, a moment divine,
They sculpt emotions, their bodies enshrine,
Their pirouettes, a whirlwind of grace,
As if twirling through time and space.

In the studio’s embrace, they refine their art,
Dedicated to the craft that sets them apart,
Through pain and triumph, they persevere,
For the passion they hold, forever sincere.

In the applause that echoes, they find their worth,
Ballet boys, warriors of the dance, from birth,
In the spotlight’s embrace, their spirits ignite,
Ballet boys, a symphony of beauty and light.

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