[Please read the notes below the video.]

Regarding mistakes: Yes, I am aware of a few typos that are in the lyrics. As with previous translations, if they don’t hurt the translation, I will leave them. It shows it’s not some machine-generated translation like most are sharing these days. And in this case, it’s quite probable you wouldn’t even notice at first, and only will notice by me commenting upon my mistakes myself.

Notes: This translation was done based on a private request. The request also included the cover by Palestinian child singer Zain Dagga.
Sadly, I had to reject this request. This is because the cover by Zain Dagga can only be found in combination with Noor Radwan’s cover of Despacito. The lyrics of the song Despacito are all but innocent, and make this a highly inappropriate combination that in my opinion is actually disrespectful towards Zain Dagga’s singing talent. Instead, if you would like to listen to music of Zain Dagga, listen to the Arabified and appropriated version of Coco Jamboo, it includes English subtitles. It’s great and without controversy. I won’t be coming back on this decision.