(Advice: Fully read what I wrote before judging what I said.)

I always find it funny when people at “the west” call this song (Тили-тили бом / Tili-tili bom) “creepy”…

Those who suppose this is creepy, need to check out Latvian and Lithuanian folk children’s songs of the past, which are actually in quite some cases 10 times worse.

Anyhow, in all seriousness now, for those who seriously believe this is a “legit lullaby”, you are wrong, while some people falsely claim it comes from the Soviet past, it was actually made for the horror movie “Путевой обходчик” and didn’t exist before that. That riddle many at “the west” had can hereby lay to rest, in figure of speech.

For those who want to continue speculating, think of the song “Room of Angel” from Silent Hill 4. The lyrics are all but scary in all honesty, but that is another “cult song” of many horror lovers.
It is not even the text that does it to many, more the sound of the music. That would apply here as well, to many the sound attracts, and the fact many don’t know what is said helps to make it sound good to some.

In regards to this all, Germans have been best throughout time to use this “tactic” at music effectively, shown at the well-known connection to #DarkCulture when it comes to quite a major part of German music.
The song “Augen auf” by “Oomph!” is one of those examples, that song basically states nothing that is scary, and could in all regards be used as an actual hide-and-seek song if it wasn’t for the execution. Their music video is pretty much the only scary part about the whole song, and personally, I actually like the music video.

Another example would actually be “E Nomine”, which I would advice to stay away from if you dislike horror, as they are on the edge of the Dark Culture scene.
It shouldn’t be surprising when you look at their name, which fact behind their music will be very disliked by those who love Christianity, as yes, a huge part of their lyrics find their origin at the Christian Bible…
Dark music made possible by Christianity, think about that if you’re Christian if you plan to attack someone of another religion, as those texts you learned at bible studies can be used to make horror…

Anyhow, the point of all I said, you can make anything as horrific if you would like to believe it is. It is just really sad that people think that because something is Russian, it is instantly bad… =(