Don’t take this the wrong way, but did you know that a needle could be used as a replacement of scissors or a knife?
Probably your answer is no, and don’t worry, it is not something you need to know regardless.
Seems like a ridiculous thing to even know, yet, if you are like me and didn’t have access to some of the supplies that most of the world call our “basic supplies”, you needed to know.
And in case of this blog post, you will need it to understand what I am trying to say…

We all grow up some way, and none of us have a choice how this will be.
However, the way we grow up does almost always equal the possibilities of what we can achieve in the rest of our lives, even though some want to proclaim otherwise.
The “almost always” coming from the small chance of meeting someone who could turn your life around in such a way that possibilities open up.
Still, like I said, it is only a small chance, and most of us will have more future doors closed then opened before even reaching adulthood.

When it comes to politicians, the way they grow up tend reflect their politics.
Take Donald J. Trump for example, a man of American-Scottish descent, the current American president, but more importantly, born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
It’s not like he denied the facts himself, he went to private schools, and his father gave him “a small loan” of a few millions when he was young.
Privileged to the extremes, making it non-surprising that he is unable to understand the struggles of those who are not part of the 1% with loads of money.
Or as another example, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, unlike the previous guy he is of 100% descent, non-surprisingly Russian, current President of the Russian Federation, and of a strong military-orientated upgrowing.
He comes of a childhood that was military-focused, henceforth that his future as a warmonger is no miracle, as he was taught to just think about war throughout his life.

But what has this to do with the needle example I started this post with, you might ask.
Well, the reason of me stating this example is that we do things as we suppose they should be done.
In case of the needle, most won’t use it in the ways of a knife or scissors because that is not how they were taught to use it, and to most there is no need to think beyond that usage.
Which is exactly the same way as politicians act, they act based on what they know, and don’t look beyond it.
The simple fact is that their backgrounds already biased them at politics before they became politicians, and probably they are not even aware of it themselves.
However, they are the ones who could become politicians, and beyond that the leaders of our countries, as most of us can’t, even if we would wish to be.
As to be a politician you will need money, lots of money.
Well, that is if you want to be politician that is actually noticed, and not someone who is there but close to never heard of.
It’s like a name as “Oleksandr O. Lukyanchenko” won’t say anything to most people.
(For those who wonder, he is/was the mayor of Donetsk. A great man, unlike the (pro-)Russian idiots who took over Donetsk. Actually, he is 1 of 2 politicians that have taken the time to truly talk with me.)
Most of those who would qualify as having the possibility of becoming great politicians won’t have the money required to be a recognized politician.
After all, those who we need at politics are those who have experienced the hardships of life; the ones who live(d) in warzones, those who live(d) in poverty, those who live(d) secluded of society, those who are/were homeless… Well, there are too many examples to name, but I suppose you understand what I am trying to say.
And even if they are able to collect the money required, only more problems arise, like the need of popularity.

The solution to this is also where the needle example once again takes importance.
As the solution to this problem is simple, but the solution is something we are scared of as it requires change to the unknown, to no longer do things as we regularly do.
Quite a big problem when you take the time to realize the fact that which I just explained equals that we don’t even live in a system of democracy.
Which would be noticed when you know the solution, as the solution is actually democracy.
No, not democracy as we have now, which we call representative democracy to cover the fact that it actually is oligarchy, the way right in the middle of autocracy and democracy.
As true democracy, pure democracy, would require anarchism, a change which many are scared of.
That while many people quote Abraham Lincoln’s “Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people.” quite often.
Personally, I prefer the quote of Bertrand Russell far more though: “Democracy; the fools have a right to vote. Dictatorship; the fools have a right to rule.”.
Because our current situation lets the clueless rule, while democracy would give them an equal voice as any of us.
And when I am honest, I personally believe that together we would actually drown out the wrong choices and move towards a better world.
Sadly, actual democracy is only a future which I can hope for…

It’s like a vicious circle that always connect to what I intended to share with the needle example, the fact that we don’t dare to sway of the regular path.
As while I just explained this based on politicians, it affects so many parts of life.
Which, of course, also has to do with the fact that politics influence so many other parts of our lives, like economics.
But whether it is a needle, a politician, or anything else, I hope you, whoever took the time to read this, dares to reflect on this need for change.
Take a moment to realize that while you probably just took about 5 minutes to read this, another person quite likely has died due to a war or conflict at this world.
Even while none of us need wars and conflicts, it doesn’t bring us anything…