Blog problems

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During the past night my blog was suddenly offline, and boom, this morning suddenly my blog looks different and has a lot of broken parts.

This has happened because of 2 reasons:
The first were problems with the host I used, as most certainly has been noticed the previous 2 weeks my blog was incredibly slow, and eventually as a temporary fix my blog was moved to one of my dedicated servers in combination of using the CDN of CloudFlare, one I always avoid because of the many controversial happenings around this company.
In response to this OVH, which is my host, has done extensive research in what was causing the problems, and eventually has fixed it.
However, during this all WordPress was also updated, which caused another problem, the corruption of the theme I used, as well as the redirection plugin I previously used.
To resolve the last problems the decision was made to do a full clean install of WordPress, and with that a lot of data was lost, as I forgot to make a database backup. (whoops!)
After the fresh install, I have chosen to return to a theme of Swedish Anders Norén, of which I used the theme Lovecraft before the previous corrupt theme.

However, that doesn’t take away that there are some problems remaining, which hopefully will all be fixed in the upcoming days.
Still, one problem will not be as easy, which are the redirection URLs I previously used, henceforth I set up the following page with instruction what to do when noticing a broken URL:

Anyhow, this all came suddenly, so sorry for any confusion this has caused, and may still cause.
Now I am off to start my day, as I literally am awake for just 10 minutes by now, hence my possibly crappy writing right now.

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