In the quiet corners of my mind,
Where dreams and doubts entwine,
I tread upon the path of time,
A teenage girl, growing up, I find.

Once a bud, tightly closed,
Now unfurling, the world exposed,
Awakening to life’s vibrant hues,
I step forward, not sure which to choose.

In this journey of self-discovery,
I search for truths, unmask the mystery,
Peeling layers of innocence away,
Revealing the strength that’s here to stay.

I stumble, I falter, I learn to rise,
With each fall, a lesson in disguise,
From scraped knees to a bruised heart,
I embrace the scars that set me apart.

Navigating the winding lanes,
Shedding old skins, releasing constraints,
I redefine the image I portray,
Crafting my identity, day by day.

The mirror reflects both hopes and fears,
Through laughter, joy, and silent tears,
Yet, amidst the chaos and the strife,
I’m learning to love this messy life.

A metamorphosis, like a butterfly’s flight,
Transforming darkness into radiant light,
I spread my wings, daring to explore,
The boundless horizons that lie before.

So, here I stand, a girl on the cusp,
Embracing growth, leaving behind what was,
With courage as my guiding flame,
I bloom into the woman I’ll one day claim.

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