The United Kingdom has voted Leave.
It is a sad day for the United Kingdom and Europe…

Yes, this is not a real sad day for only the EU, but in fact it is something that is affecting all of Europe.
With massive complaining out of Europe about Ukraine’s (All-Ukrainian Union) Svoboda and the fact they are nationalists, and in fact this being named as 1 of the main reasons to support Russia over Ukraine by a part of Europe’s citizens.
You would have thought everything would have been done to not make it happen for every European country, making Far-Right get power thrown to them…

That in fact has happened with the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.
With the sweetly called “Brexit”, you would not even think it would cause what is happening right now…
Yes, the uprising of Far-Right.
While Ukraine got torpedoed with critism and hate, it is exactly what has been supported by this ineffective leave of the European Union, as we may want to remind us of the fact the UK was not a member state as the other countries, with all their special treatment, which should make every EU supporter happy to have them leaving, as basically that spoiled kid that got everything, that has now him/herself decide to leave, it is positive to the EU, not negative as some see it.
To the EU the problem is and should be the fact Far-Right has now gotten an easy playfield to make nationalism spread, and with that more terrorists attacks to happen to the European countries at the future, as this will not move us away of Terrorism, it will move us closer…

The fact is that we are choosing destruction ourselves, over, and over, and over, and over again…
The real problem is not the immigrants, as it is most often us not accepting them that causes the problems, not the fact they come or are here.
Why we think this is exactly why Politics are the way they are, as democracy is not that different as dictatorship, the only difference is in fact the name, nothing more…
Just think about it, we call Putin of Russia a dictator, however, even he was chosen before he became the president of Russia…
He is a dictator as he is “a single power ruling over a country”, yet, that is exactly what happens at almost every country, not just at Europe, but the world…
We choose to put the label of Democracy at it, while in fact we have nothing more to truly decide after they have been chosen, and they can do anything they want to do, is that not a dictatorship instead?

The problem we are experiencing is that we do not think ourselves anymore.
One of our problems is Elitism, and by that, also the Far-Right movement.
The opposition nowadays have become Anti-elitism and by that the Left movement.
Just look at politics, the right movement at almost every country stands against everything humanity is about.
And yet, we do not realize this, as we believe what the elite tells us, instead of doing what we should, think.
That is our true problem!

So, you want a better future?
Stop supporting the elite, start supporting your country, and by this the world.
To stop wars, we need to stand together, instead of dividing ourselves, believe that there is good is how wars could stop, but that never will work when we just kill every civilian.
As let us not deny the fact that Russia has been bombing civilians at Syria, and as bad as that is, will not be bad when other countries do similar acts, whether it is at Syria or another country.
Just think about how NATO now is “protecting” the borders of Europe and Russia, which is obviously seen as acts of war by Russia, as in fact they just are.
And do we even know anymore what truly happens at Palestine and Israel, not what is been said by media sources?

Lies, that is the cause,
Us listening, that is the problem…
The fact is that the Elite are only growing, becoming better, and our decisions are not advancing ourselves, it is only strengthening the elite.
At Syria there are more problems than Russia, yet, now to many only the acts of Russia are seen, as we were moved away from noticing the other acts, helping a part of the elite.
The borders are in fact unsafe, Russia is a problem to Europe, but NATO protection might cause a war for Europe that we do not want, which will increase weapon sales, and by this, helps the elite…
The Israel-Palestine conflict is a huge problem, the factual answer would be that there is no right side there, around the second world war there was an obvious visibility of Israel being the only right side,
Yet the acts that has happened between then and a few years back, that has made it unable to choose a side when honesty exists, as Israel made acts that were wrong, but also Palestinians did.
However, there is an obvious reasons for massive lies to exist around that, which in fact has made both sides bad, it is why also massive support is there for both sides, as like I said, there is no right side anymore…
The elite has won there, as on every activity that is possible, there is activity, all involving money, money that is being spend on people of the elite…
Just think about the fact the UN agreement/plans of 1947 never have been implemented, and why?
No, not Israel, no, not Palestine, it was in fact civil war that broke loose…
Civil war… Not started by the Jewish Israelis, not the Arabic Palestinians, which then both were citizens of the then “Mandatory Palestine”.
No, it was started by the invasion of 4 other countries:
Egypt, Iraq, Syria and (Hashemite Kingdom of) Jordan(Then still called Transjordan)
The attack of 4 other countries, started an conflict that has never ended, which even now causes problems all around the world…
Standing out is the fact Israel is not bad, but neither is Palestine, those 4 other countries, and probably their elite, caused 2 groups of people to get hated around the world…
(Did not know that? Then stop listening to the media and the elite controling them, and dare to research, as those facts can be found within minutes now we can access all information through the internet)

Want a better future?

Stop listening to media.
Stop listening to politicians.
Stop listening to those who already know their opinions.
Start listening to yourself.
Start looking around you.
Start researching when you do not know…

Lies are our downfall, us listening is what let us be destroyed by the downfall…
The ability to think for yourself is a blessing, and the way we will move to prosperity.
We were not created to work all the time, to not think of ourselves, and to fight among ourselves.
And the moment we realize that, who knows what the future will bring us, the only thing I know, is that this has never happened yet.
So are we not done with the continious loop of destruction, and instead want to move to the future…?