Artist: Capital Bra (Vladislav Balovatsky)
Remix: Lighteye Beatz
Year: 2022
Location: Germany & Ukraine
Original language: German
Translated title: White Doves
Copyright: Universal Music GmbH
Licensing: Universal Music GmbH

Subtitled music video


Today is a terrible day for Ukraine. And a gloomy day for Europe. Because we have been at war with Russia for eight years. And no one talks about it.

Because my family, the whole family, is in Ukraine now. And they are scared, and they are crying. And they don’t know what tomorrow holds…

I plead to the whole world. Help us now. There are civilians, there are women. They are caught in this war. Please do everything! Not just blah blah blah. And they don’t talk, they send the army.

A fight between good and evil, but who is who? You are breaking people, it’s visible in their eyes. You can take everything from us, but never our faith.

No politics, no, that’s nonsense. And because of this nonsense, boys die at 18 years old. It’s about my family, they don’t deserve this. They don’t want a conflict, they don’t want a war.

Please, God, protect our country. People are being imprisoned, others are being killed. We Ukrainians never wanted to fight with Russia. But they provoke us from the shadows. Politicians who speak for all people. It’s about money and power, for us, it’s about lives.

We don’t want war, we don’t need a fuss. We don’t have a strong army, but we have a strong heart. Russian tanks entering my country. You see the dead in Maidan. People are being imprisoned, others are being killed. Please, God, protect our country.

But those up there have their own intentions. They confuse us with news. Look what they are doing, look how people suffer. Screw your politics, let the people decide.

Why? Why does it have to be like this? We don’t want war! Understand that. We simply don’t want war!


According to Ukrainian reports, there are now 200 civilian casualties. No one believes in miracles here. Russian armored vehicles on the streets of Crimea tonight.


The capital city of Kyiv is now being shelled with artillery. No one believes in miracles here…

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