The serenade of serenity

In the quiet corners of the day,Where the world's clamor fades away,There lies a moment, in soft array,The gift of relaxation, in gentle display. Beneath the sky's vast, calming blue,Or in a room with a peaceful view,In the heart of relaxation, life renews,A serenade of serenity, a melody true. The gentle rustle of a turning …

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Anger’s passage

In the realm of emotions, anger often takes the stage,A fleeting fire, a moment's rage, a line upon life's page.Anger is a transient visitor, a flash across the mind,A storm that rages briefly, leaving tranquility behind. In the heart's vast landscape, anger carves its path,A spark ignited by injustice, a momentary wrath.As life's river flows …

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Shadows of scorn

In the realm where shadows cast their darkened net,A solitary soul, in turmoil, found its fateful set,Beneath the weight of scorn and bitter jest,The heart once whole, now put to endless test. Beneath the cruel sun, in the schoolyard's might,A fragile spirit braced itself for a fight,Words like daggers, sharper than the sword,Pierced through the …

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Symphony of solitude

In shadows deep, where silence reigns,A solitary heart, its song sustains.A whispered lament in the dead of night,Loneliness, my constant plight. I wander through a barren land,With empty eyes and trembling hand,In search of solace, a friendly face,But solitude clings, an unyielding embrace. The moon above, a pale, cold sphere,Casts ghostly light, a mournful seer,It …

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Breaking the Silence: Autism, Mutism, and Selective Mutism demystified

This blog post talks about the confusion that arises from misunderstanding selective mutism and regular mutism. It clearly states that selective mutism is an independent diagnosis and not a part of autism. It explains that the difference between selective mutism and regular mutism is choice, as people with selective mutism have no choice, while people with autism have a choice to speak but may not because of developmental delays, sensory overloads, difficulties in processing information, and/or social anxiety. The post also highlights that the confusion arises due to the usage of the term "selective", which in the UK is replaced by "situational", which means the same. The post also briefly touches upon the stigma and discrimination around the terms high functioning autism and Asperger's syndrome, highlighting the differences between the two.