Ever seen social media accounts with masses of followers?
You might have thought “Wow, they are really loved!”,
but what if I told you that is not true?

Something that is happening at all social media platforms is buying “friends”.
And that does indeed mean every one of them, whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, VK(ontakte), SnapChat or any other platform.
Yet, why would people even do that?
The answer is as simple as “authenticity”.

Most often having many accounts connected is important for marketers, and that should be it.
It however does not even stop there, celebrities are very known to buy their social interaction.
Did you actually know that most Twitter accounts with over 1 million followers, have most often only 100 thousand real followers, at most?
The fact about social media is that you can buy anything, re-posts, likes, comments, views, replies, followers and everything else…

This is why the verification systems at most of them make no sense at all.
At the Russian VK(ontakte) they get close, but they in fact have it easy, as knowing the celebs of just 1 country is not that hard.
It however just makes fully no sense we need this system, as we are talking about people that should be famous…
Why do they just not say or show their usernames at the work they are famous for?
Just think about it, a writer could have it at his books, actors and musicians could tell when they are interviewed, and then we already have had most that are needed to be verified.
It is surely not that hard to find ways as someone famous to spread their authenticity without the verified marks.

Eventually, it all adds up to 1 single thing happening…
“The destruction of being social”
It is what I have seen happening now many times at the friends I have at my social media platforms.
As while many only interact and do not read, I always try to read my friends, however might end up not always responding.
Sadly, this way of being active at social media has become rare, and now the main importance of people tends to be shares and likes.

To me social media remains my way of reaching out to the world, the way it should be like.
I just hope those people will soon notice what they are doing, as right now more and more social media accounts become… well, plain spam…
That is also why every real user easily can get more followers then followings or friends at most of these platforms.
As while they farm the social media platform for followers, you might just get followed for interacting the way you should.

And that is where the last part actually comes in, which is that it is no longer an ability to know if someone is real by interaction.
However, it should push people to look at what is shared in the first place, and that might be where a bit of hope for most will remain, as when we do that, eventually you will only follow the real people.