In skies above, their graceful flight,
The sun and moon, a wondrous sight.
One brings the day with golden glow,
The other casts a tranquil, silver show.

The sun, a fiery orb of might,
Unveils the world with radiant light.
Its rays embrace the land and sea,
Awakening life with energy.

From dawn to dusk, it proudly gleams,
Casting shadows and vibrant beams.
A beacon high, so fierce and bold,
Its warmth and brilliance, untold.

But as the sun begins to set,
Another luminary, we cannot forget.
The moon, in quiet elegance, appears,
Its silver crescent, soothing and clear.

Softly glowing in the night’s embrace,
It paints the sky with gentle grace.
Stars twinkle, like diamonds, in its wake,
A celestial ballet, for beauty’s sake.

The sun and moon, an eternal dance,
Each taking turns in their grand expanse.
A cosmic balance, a heavenly show,
One brings brightness, the other bestows.

Together they weave the fabric of time,
In perfect harmony, their rhythms chime.
Opposing forces, yet forever entwined,
The sun and moon, celestial divined.

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