Let me start by apologizing for the unexpected silence over the past few days. I’ve been dealing with some personal matters. That’s the reason behind my choice of this dark poem. It was inspired by the song “Child of Sin” by the Dutch artist Sharon Kovacs, as well as my childhood experiences when I was still in Belarus with my abusive biological father. I’ve already shared some of these details in my previous poem, “Rising Above: A Survivor’s Journey.” You can find the music video for the song “Child of Sin” by Sharon Kovacs below my poem.


In shadows’ grasp, a tale begins,
Of innocence lost, a life of din,
A whispered curse, a fateful spin,
Behold the tragic child of sin.

Born ‘neath the moon’s malevolent gleam,
A soul entwined in a wicked dream,
Innocence tainted, a sinister seam,
Destined to roam where shadows teem.

Eyes like abyss, devoid of light,
A heart encased in endless night,
Innocence shattered, taken in flight,
A creature born of wrong and right.

A dance with demons, a devil’s delight,
Twisting morals, a treacherous plight,
In darkness’ embrace, taking its flight,
The child of sin walks the realms of night.

Through haunted echoes, it finds its way,
A symphony of sorrow in shades of gray,
A tragic figure, forever astray,
In a world of pain, it must decay.

Yet deep within, a glimmer remains,
A flicker of hope, a soul’s refrains,
Seeking redemption from endless pains,
The child of sin yearns to break its chains.

But shadows cling, a relentless tide,
The battle within, a torment to bide,
A tragic destiny, forever tied,
In darkness’ clasp, where fears reside.

Let mourning shroud this kin so grim,
From darkness born, its core, a brim,
A tale that haunts, its life, a hymn,
As child of sin, its fate is dim.

Music video of the song “Child of Sin” by Sharon Kovacs. Subtitles by Nyo Schwachöfer.

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