A closer look: deinstitutionalisation of child care systems

By Vadim Dovganyuk

When we look at campaigns like the ones of Lumos, Disability Rights International, Family For Every Child, and even my beloved ChildFund, you would suppose that institutions are basically places that shouldn’t exist at all, however, a question you may wish to have answered is how true this actually is. Orphans, children who lost both…


The unseen of Child Labor and Humanity

By Vadim Dovganyuk

Child Labor, without any doubt one of the biggest problems when it comes to the protection of children’s rights, caused by the most problematic problem to children, poverty. At most countries this is banned, yet, this happens at almost every country, including the developed countries… The main reason behind the huge numbers in which we…

Song translation: Valdi Sabev – Through The Eyes Of A Child

By Vadim Dovganyuk

Video by YouTuber 777loveisall. Message has been translated to multiple languages, though, some errors may remain even after various checks on spelling, grammar and meaning (by professional translators). Thank you all who helped with the translations so it will reach as much of the world as possible. May you learn of the message. Original English lyrics:…