Hate, hate, hate…
Probably you will already start to think of a certain part of humanity, whether it is a nationality, religion, or whatever…
The problem is, you’re already wrong by doing so.
The word hate fits every single one of us, actually, there is not even one exclusion…

To take myself as example, I hate people who are nationalistic, I hate people who are racist, I hate people who are offensive, I hate people who count differences instead of acting with just kindness, I hate far-right people, I hate those who hate based on religion, and I hate Conservatism.
That is what I would hate, I know I hate these things, and I could pretty them up with using replacement words for the word hate, but what does it even matter?
Still, chances of you noticing this when interacting with me are pretty much nil.
Which is where the point lies between being united or ending up in fights, conflicts and wars, the ability to keep things to yourself, and choosing for a pleasant time for both sides..

I could give reasons for why I hate these things, like Conservatism not working in a world where everything is pretty much screwed up, there never being a valid reason to hate anyone of another religion, just like there is no reason to actually be offensive, far-right basically always equalling nationalism, nationalism always equalling hypocrisy, ignorance, and plain stupidity, and anyone who cares about differences lacking the ability to see that they are different themselves as well…

Still, while these are my visions, they are most likely not your vision, at least 1 or more differences at opinions will probably exist, and that is no problem.
The thing is, why should there be a reason for me having a problem that your visions are not the same, just like why you should have a problem with mine?
Eventually, the world is not as simple as 2 ways, as there are truly millions of ways, and with billions of people all around the world, we never will be able to see eye to eye with everyone.
The important part is however whether you will accept it or not, or as I like to phrase it, whether we choose to be humans or robots.

The simple fact behind humanity is that we have the ability to choose at everything, and the choice of causing problems is always yours.
Think about left, centre and right wing politics, while we see that as the only choices, there remains even views outside these 3 choices…
It is why personally I will always listen to what anyone has to say because I could learn of your different way of thinking, just like you could learn of mine.
As we humans don’t have all knowledge within us, not all understanding, not all capabilities, and that is okay, as long as you are able to work together.
This is however were we as humans fail, fail very harshly even, as when we look at us, the few times we are united, are the times we are fighting others…

The question you should at least ask yourself is:
Are you a programmed robot, and can’t think anything beyond a set rules, or are you human, and were you blessed with the capability to make your own choices?