The sun rises again, a new day awakens,
I open my eyes and my heart fills with gratitude.
For the big things and small, my blessings I’ll count,
As I start my day without rush or amount.

A roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep,
Food on my table, loved ones I get to keep.
The gift of new chances, of health and of life,
In a world filled with beauty, away from all strife.

The joy of new wonders, adventures to take,
New things to discover, memories to make.
Though times may be tough, my blessings are many,
I’ll focus on those, and not on what’s lacking.

A heart filled with thanks, an attitude of cheer,
Will light up my world and banish all fear.
I count my blessings and nurture content,
The abundance around me, heaven has sent.

So I start this new day with gratitude and grace,
Appreciating each gift, each familiar face.
My blessings are plenty, more than I can count,
I’m grateful for all, and I’ll not amount.

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