People always say to others that they should tell their backstory when something bad has happened to them.
The same goes for me, yet, I decided to not do so.
It’s rather simple why I don’t, as what does it even matter?

Ask yourself, would you treat me differently if I would say that I stabbed a man when I was 7 years old?
I guess that is a “Yes”, right?
Now, with that in mind, ask yourself, would you change that opinion if you knew I stabbed because he did something bad to a girl?
That is most probably also a “Yes”, with the added question of what that bad would be, ain’t it?
You know, all of the above is not just speculation, it is the truth…
And yet, if I would tell you this as part of my backstory, I would be needing to explain the gross details of it, as otherwise I will been seen as a maniac…

The problem I see regarding telling your backstory, or just sharing your autobiography, is that if your life truly is bad, you most often will be forced to not write it, exactly for what I told you just know, the small details that you would be needing to tell that could actually change other’s opinions about you.
The simple fact is, I rather would have people treating me for the way I act, and not of what my backstory is, as what has happened to me before, is not who I am today.
That might be important for others to realize, is the fact someone is writing an autobiography really about anything else than changing opinions about their own..?