Democracy and Democracy

, Democracy and Democracy, SnowCalmth

There has been a lot of shouting at Social Media by Trump supporters that protesters against Trump are standing against Democracy.
Let me give you some clarity:
The winning of Trump has been done in a democratic way, even though it is not the way of 99% of the rest of the world, it is the way the USA does it, and it has been done by voting, so it is democratic.
Those who currently oppose Trump are not standing against democracy, they are at the same time also the ones defending democracy.
When it comes to the results, Clinton received more votes, in case of a democratic system, the one who gets more votes, will win.
Both sides are democratic, it is the strangest way of democracy to the world, but when it comes to the American political system, neither are standing against Democracy.
Actually, anyone who is currently saying that Clinton supporters, Liberals or whatever, are standing against democracy, are the ones who stand against democracy, as democracy is about having the power in the hands of the people, which is indeed not what Clinton supports, but also not what Trump supports, as when the people have the power, there would be no government at all, so it would mean no President at all when it comes to this discussion…

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