United States of America: A democracy? A republic? An oligarchy?

By Vadim Dovganyuk

Is the USA a Democracy? – No! Is the USA a Republic? – Yes, no, maybe… Urrr… read on? The status of Republic has nothing to do with if a country is a democracy or not, the status of Republic is based on the following, and I quote Oxford Dictionaries: “A state in which supreme…


Democracy and Democracy

By Vadim Dovganyuk

There has been a lot of shouting at Social Media by Trump supporters that protesters against Trump are standing against Democracy. Let me give you some clarity: The winning of Trump has been done in a democratic way, even though it is not the way of 99% of the rest of the world, it is…


By Vadim Dovganyuk

Yesterday at Twitter I already stated it… I will support "Pure #Democracy", no Psephocracy.Governments close to never listen to society, just like dictators!https://t.co/KGWadxCYY8 — Vadim Dovganyuk (@SnowCalmth) 26 August 2016 Currently 0 countries have a pure #democracy system!Anyone remember that society once fought for #PowerToThePeople?https://t.co/Zqxi2N5zII — Vadim Dovganyuk (@SnowCalmth) 26 August 2016 People gave their…