When I look around only my own living location, it happens so often that people do not dare to ask others anything.
I am not like that, if I really want to know anything, I will ask, even when it might not be liked by the other.
How would you otherwise ever get an answer?

Like just recently, I got to know of a Figure skating television program at Russia.
«Дети на льду. Звезды» is the show, it is of «Ростелеком» and «Федерация фигурного катания на коньках России»(The Figure Skating Federation of Russia).

I don’t only love to practice Figure skating, but I do love to watch it too.
(Also this is one of the languages I understand fully, German and English still need me to focus a lot more, while there are more figure skating content accessable standard to me in these 2 languages.)
Therefore, with help of my parents I reached out to them, asking if it was possible to watch it outside of Russia.
The answer I received, after sending all information that I could ever give them…, was a yes, as “my Russian was clean” and “my information checked out”.

And their promise was the truth, I received login information and am able to watch all content, like promised.
All I had to do was ask, not much more than that.
So don’t be afraid to ask things, as while it may seem scary at first, any answer is better then having no answer at all.