Ever knew what you did by just thinking that you know?
Probably your answer will be a “No”.
And indeed, most do not know everything they should know.
Like at 2 events that happened this past week to me at Twitter.
I just recently have become active again at Twitter, having been mostly inactive during 2015, and only very few Tweets during the start of 2016.
The thing that changed, was that I felt like being active again at Twitter after having seen how trolls attack others in 2015.
And of course, people find it necessary to yet again take their opinion as most important.
The thing is, I couldn’t care much about it anymore.
As the 2 events that sticked with me, only made me see the ignorance of the other persons.

The first of the 2 events was an difference of opinions regarding my positive look at my Autism.(See: http://snowcalmth.com/?p=117)
I shouldn’t be positive regarding it, as “for some people “autism” is a very painful & lonely existence. Pain from SIB. Lonely not being able to communic”(-icate, phrase wasn’t written fully).
Obviously I wouldn’t deny there are people with Autism that has problems, in fact most do, including me, yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t be positive at all.
One of the reasons I am so positive, is the fact I know it can be worse.

Something many don’t know or realize is the fact I come from a massive family, and massive would probably even be too little said.
My biological father slept with many women and they gave birth to many children, all of them ending to be family/blood ties due to my biological father.
One of my (half-)siblings is a sister at Greece.(To be precise Argos)
She has multiple conditions, and not some difficult condition that is a combination of different conditions, but actual multiple conditions, both mentally as physical.
Her life will never be full, no one can say otherwise, as her 2 most notable physical problems cause enough troubles, as they are being blind and having muscle problems which make her unable to stand and walk on her own, therefore she is using a wheelchair.
Yet, when I talk to her(telephone or webchat), and that is almost every day, she is almost always happy and smiling, only a very few times this different.
She is a bundle of joy, inspiring me to try to see the positives of everything.
When I compare all her problems combined, or even those 2 alone, and the fact she is still happy and smiling, I just don’t see “being lonely” as a valid reason to not be positive.
The reply I would probably however get is that “she is not me/you”, and indeed, she ain’t, and that is not important at all, as we are not alone at this world, hence also no need to be lonely…
The thing is, my attitude may be different, and I may have reasons to see things differently then others, however, that doesn’t make them less effective, true or important.

The second event I would call a bit strange.
It was an American stating I should have died at Donetsk, after me having a troll making statements saying Europe(Yes, not EU/European Union) didn’t know what Freedom was, unlike him, as (also) he lived at the USA.
I just can’t take those kind of statements serious, the thing is, if I would have died at Donetsk, that would have made no difference to Russia or Ukraine, let alone the USA, yet it might have done for them.
It is very stupid to do these kind of remarks, as while they are discrimination without a doubt, it also stands against the USA’s own stance regarding Ukraine and Russia, and as it was an account supportive to a certain American presidential candidate who already has made not the best name for himself, not the best image was set for them.
The thing that was done was not showing anything Pro-American, instead it could have been counted as Anti-American, not really a patriotic act.
That person didn’t think about the actual subject the person himself was active at on the Twitter social media platform, politics…
Or he missed the fact I am still very supportive to Ukraine, even though I live at Germany now and have Russian family and friends.

People seem to often act without any regard to true facts, only the “facts” they see, which sometimes are not as much facts as they supposed when they would actually look at the other facts.
Nobody is perfect, not you, not me, it takes sometimes a minute to think about your acts, as while you might think they are destructive to the other, and apparently you would like to destroy the other. They might just as well backfire and hit you yourself, destroying you instead of your target…
Eventually, it is better to be the one on the defensive then the one attacking, as the attackers are always wrong, the defensive side only can become wrong, yet have a far bigger chance, to never be wrong at all.
And to make it related to the second event, this is why Separatism should be a lost resort, not something you just do as you think you will come out of it better, as the defender will most probably eventually win, and the attacker and all allies will be the ones ending up with the actual problems…
Please, if you don’t know everything, don’t act like you do, or if you don’t know if you know everything, dare to ask or be silent, not only in respect of the other, but also to protect yourself from the aftermath.
As going into a debate without all facts, is like going into a gunfight without a gun, you will never win…