The happenings at the United Kingdom have taken rather importance around here, so blog post has been delayed…
As my English is checked by a family member, who now has no time, everything is slow… Including my social media messages.

And it is not that strange in fact that it has taken such a big spin after the results of brexit.
As the results showed a clear in favour for remaining by Youth, and a clear leave of the older generation.
With results like this, which if I am not mistaken is 52% Pro-Leave and 48% Pro-Remain, it should be there where should be looked at…
As many adults often say to us children and youth/young person:
“The younger generation is the future”
“Children are the future”

With these results probably going to be made effective, it shows a clear message to every young person that cares for politics:
“Once we have anything to say, we only have some rubble left that the older generation did not destroy to dust.”
As when I would look at these decisions, it is not the older generation that should care one bit about it, and sorry… But they will not see most of the impacts eventually.. So why do they even vote?
It is us, the younger generation, and the ones after us, who will have to feel the impact this decision has made, not them.
Now, it would obviously be discrimination if we would block everyone of like 50+ of these decisions, but in all honesty, that would be sending out a message that we as young persons are in fact the future.

“18-24: 75% Remain
25-49: 56% Remain
50-64: 44% Remain
65+: 39% Remain”

Just see the facts.
18 to 49 would have caused it to be remain, yet the fact the 50+ generation is bigger, or voted more, at the UK, it has become leave.
I dislike saying it, but 50+… An average human becomes like 60 to 90 or so?
Most effects will come in the years to come, not right now.
So… By the time effects are clear, quite some, if not most, of these voters… probably died?

We like a better world, right?
If so, you might want to start thinking about things like this for a moment…

“The EU is bad”
We might want to remind ourselves what the EU is for a moment.
In many ways we can see the EU as a lesser USA or Russia…
Those 2 countries already work in the way the EU tries to work like, uniting a big amount of states(USA), Oblasts(Russia) or countries(EU) to work together, keep each other safe and try to get to a better future.
THAT is what the EU is about.
The fact that they are not working like that, is something that should have been shouted out by the people of the UK, yet, I have to be honest to have heard nothing about it…
So if they did say the EU worked wrongly a long time ago, they basically have not made any impact, which should make the citizens of the UK, who voted leave, wonder if this has any impact?
I think the positive impact to a part of society is there at Europe, but all I hear right now from the UK, are messages saying things are grimm, not good, even from those who voted leave…

However, let me end with something positive that the UK made happen.
Finally, we no longer have to see the American politics over and over again here at Europe, as now we finally have our own Political discussion to be active at.
So thank you United Kingdom for giving us that.