If you’re visiting the pages of quite some of our translated videos, you will see a 404 error at the spot the video should be showing. We’re aware of this and hope to resolve this shortly.

This is, however, not actually unexpected. Although I didn’t have time to announce this here on our blog yet, I did actually tell on Facebook already that we are moving from hosting provider for our blog here. This is not due to any actual bad experiences with our Ukrainian host. Sincerely, we do recommended them after the war in Ukraine is over. However, at this time, their services have basically come to a standstill, probably because all employees have become refugees. We actually don’t know with certainty as all communication with our webhost has been gone since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In preparation of the move, we wanted to move all our videos to one provider. However, during this process, our webmaster has come to experience a situation in his personal life that puts pause to this all, at the moment while most videos were already taken offline on our former provider, but the pages do not redirect to our new provider.
How long this will take is currently is unknown. However, we try to resolve this as fast as possible. This remains a personal blog and we don’t have people beside myself, my son and my webmaster currently working on this blog. We apologize for any inconvenience experienced by this.