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Artist: Dzivia
Song: Dzikaje Palavańnie (Wild Hunt)
Album: Rujnuj
Country: Belarus

Statement by Dzivia(Artur Dzivia Matveenko):

Dzivia - Dzikaje Palavańnie (Wild Hunt) 1

Original Belarusian Lyrics

Вецер вые, цені лятуць імкліва.
Пошчак падкоў рве паветра.

У чорнай імгле
Месяц пяе маўкліва.
Душы ў дрыгве –

Сінія агні!
Кліча зданяў —

Вочы гараць —
Паляваньне —
Дзіка Імчыць!

English translation by Galina (Hi_Snegg at YouTube):

The wind is howling, the shadows are flying fast.
Rumble of hooves are breaking air.

The moon sings silently in a darkness.
Souls in a quagmire, wake up!

Blue lights, get ready!
Master is calling ghosts!

Eyes lighting up in the night!
Hunt is rushing wildly!

Album art:

Dzivia - Dzikaje Palavańnie (Wild Hunt) 2