While I am a Belarusian Pole (a Polish girl born in Belarus), I have a Ukrainian dad and 2 Ukrainian brothers. It’s the beauty of adoption, I suppose. We hear about and see the terrible events in Ukraine daily in our home. It can be challenging, but nowhere near as challenging as it is for Ukrainians in Ukraine.

As I commented on the blog of David ben Alexander, The Skeptic’s Kaddish, one of my most beloved blogs to read, when my little brother Ilya came to us, he called Poland “рай,” which means “paradise”. He spent a relatively short time in wartime Ukraine, but it had already shattered him into pieces. The thought of how many children are broken by the cruelest acts of a nation led by a devil in human form is beyond heartbreaking.

I believe in peace for Ukraine, but I also believe that the only path to peace for Ukraine is through its freedom. While I can never write a poem that truly encapsulates this spirit, I did attempt to write a poem that goes beyond the typical patriotism or overly negative attitude found in most poems about Ukraine. Hopefully, some may appreciate it.


In Ukraine’s land, where sorrow’s shroud does fall,
A tale unfolds, a nation’s poignant call,
Amidst the chaos, strife, and ceaseless fight,
A story of endurance, in the darkest night.

The sun once kissed the fields of gold and green,
Where generations thrived, their dreams unseen,
But war’s relentless tide, a cruel disdain,
Turned homes to rubble, filled hearts with pain.

Yet, in the midst of conflict’s savage roar,
Ukraine’s brave souls stood steadfast, evermore,
Their spirit unyielding, like sturdy oaks they stand,
Defending their homeland, united in the land.

A tapestry of courage, woven through the tears,
Amidst the anguish, whispers of their fears,
But hope persists, like a beacon in the storm,
Guiding them through darkness, keeping them warm.

The world may watch with heavy hearts and sighs,
As Ukraine’s struggle beneath sorrow’s weight lies,
But within their souls, a fire burning bright,
A longing for peace, to end this endless fight.

In cities scarred by battles, stories yet untold,
Of ordinary people, with hearts of gold,
They’ve come together, as brothers, as one,
In the face of adversity, their courage shines like the sun.

Mothers cradle children, their future’s on the line,
Fathers stand as sentinels, guarding every sign,
The youth, with dreams undaunted, hold their heads up high,
For they believe in peace, beneath the same blue sky.

The world must not forget, as seasons come and go,
The sacrifices made, the strength they’ve come to know,
For in Ukraine’s heart, the ember is still aglow,
A yearning for tomorrow, where tranquility may grow.

Let us join hands, in solidarity, we plea,
To quell the violence, let peace and justice be,
Ukraine’s resilience, an example we must heed,
For in unity and hope, we’ll find the strength we need.

So, as this war persists, let us not despair,
But rather stand together, show that we care,
For in the darkest hour, a glimmering light,
Ukraine’s enduring spirit, a beacon in the night.

In this ongoing struggle, may peace soon arrive,
To heal the wounds and help Ukraine thrive,
And may this poem remind us, as time marches on,
That even in turmoil, the human spirit is strong.

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