In the depths of darkness, a flicker ignites,
Embers of resilience, burning bright,
Within the crucible of life’s fierce fire,
I find strength that lifts me higher.

Through trials and tribulations I have walked,
In the face of adversity, I have talked,
A phoenix rising from ashes of despair,
I stand tall, no longer unaware.

The weight of burdens, once a heavy load,
Transformed into lessons that I now hold,
With each scar etched upon my skin,
I embrace the power that lies within.

In moments shattered, when hope seemed lost,
I discovered resilience at its utmost,
For deep within my core, I found the light,
A beacon guiding me through the darkest night.

I am the oak weathering storms that rage,
Rooted firmly, unyielding at any stage,
With branches that stretch toward the sky,
I embody strength, refusing to comply.

Through cracks in my heart, love seeps and grows,
Nurturing the wounds, soothing the blows,
I gather fragments of broken dreams,
To rebuild myself with resilient seams.

In the tapestry of life, I am remade,
With threads of resilience, skillfully laid,
For within me lies a spirit untamed,
A warrior’s heart, forever unashamed.

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