In a world where differences bloom and grow,
A person shines with a special glow,
With eyes that slant and sparkle bright,
Down syndrome’s touch, a guiding light.

Their features might be slightly small,
A flat bridge nose, a joyful call,
A tongue that’s thicker, speech that’s slow,
Yet words of love, they freely sow.

Their hands may show a single crease,
A tender touch, a gentle peace,
With muscles soft, they learn to move,
In every step, they find their groove.

The almond eyes, they hold such grace,
A world of wonder in their embrace,
They may face challenges day by day,
But strength and courage lead their way.

A heart so pure, with love that’s true,
A spirit strong, that breaks through,
Though milestones come with steady pace,
Each victory, a treasured embrace.

In every hug, in every smile,
A radiant spirit, free and wild,
They teach us lessons, deep and wise,
To see with love, through empathetic eyes.

So let us cherish, let us embrace,
The beauty found in every face,
For in diversity, we find our art,
A tapestry woven, each playing their part.

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