In the grand theater of the world, under the open sky,
Where status holds no meaning, and time seems to fly.
A pauper or a king, in nature’s court we’re the same,
In the wild’s embrace, there’s no wealth or fame to claim.

In the cathedral of the forest, where sunlight filters through,
The rustling leaves whisper tales, each day something new.
The melody of the river, the mountains standing tall,
In nature’s grand symphony, we’re but players small.

The canvas of the sky painted with hues of dawn,
Mirrors on the tranquil lake, as a new day is born.
The chorus of birdsong, the fragrance of the pine,
In the book of nature, every page is divine.

In the garden of solitude, seeds of reflection we sow,
Nurtured by the silence, in nature’s gentle glow.
Through the seasons of life, as the winds of time blow,
In nature’s embrace, we continue to grow.

The wisdom of the trees, the freedom of the bird,
Speak a language profound, without uttering a word.
Through the corridors of time, life’s mysteries unfurl,
In nature’s classroom, we’re but students of the world.

In the wild’s embrace, we find our sanctuary,
A haven from chaos, a place to simply be.
Through the chapters of life, our tale is spun,
In nature’s arms, we all are one.

As twilight descends and stars take their bow,
Nature remains, unbroken by time’s plow.
Through the ages and beyond, our bond remains strong,
In nature’s embrace, where we all belong.

Here’s to nature, to her timeless appeal,
To her healing touch, helping us heal.
In her arms, let’s lose ourselves,
For in embracing nature, one truly finds oneself.

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