Translation: Soolking – Vroom Vroom

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My latest translation of the Algerian-French artist Soolking.
I also translated his song Dalida, which you can hear during the video. You can find the translated version of that song HERE.
Because of some terms requiring knowledge of 80s~90s pop culture, I have added explanations of these terms below the video.
The last part of the video hasn’t been translated as what is said is rather obvious, and subtitles might distract from what is actually shown, which is far more important.
May you enjoy the song, and don’t forget:
music deserves to be understood.



K2000 – Refers to ‘KITT’, Knight Industries Two Thousand, the AI car from the TV series ‘Knight Rider’.
Coppers – British slang for the police.
Maradona – Refers to Diego Maradona, an Argentine football manager and retired professional footballer.
Cristiano – Refers to Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese professional footballer.
Aventador – Refers to the ‘Lamborghini Aventador’, a sports car.
Harlock – Refers to Captain Harlock from the manga and anime series ‘Space Pirate Captain Harlock’. He’s known as ‘Albator’ in the French language.

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